Wednesday, December 10, 2014

V Detail Raglan Shirt

I saw the inspiration for this shirt some months ago, back when I made this henley raglan shirt using New Look 6230. I really liked the navy, white and burgundy color combination and the V detail at the neckline. Apparently this shirt is part of the Whetherly Clothing Collection and retailed for $136 (???), although it is now sold out. 

Whetherly Colorblock Jade Baseball Tee in Navy in Blue (Navy & Creme & Merlot)

This project was kind of exciting to me because it is the first one I have done almost entirely on my serger. Huzzah! I have had my serger for months now (a Singer Professional 5), but was having problems with it so I took a private lesson and found out I didn't have the needle pushed up all the way. Doh. But now I can use it and that's what matters.

When I see this picture all I see is that tuft of my hair that is sticking out crazily 

I think I prefer to have the sleeves pushed up, like the model is wearing in the inspiration photo, but I wanted to make the sleeves long enough to go either way.

I used New Look 6230 again with a few tweaks from my last use. I raised the back neckline a bit, made the front and back hem scoop for defined (not sure if it looks a ton different), used the long sleeves this time and added the cuffs (just kind of measured and winged those), and I used the neck binding that came with it this time which turned out to be much too loose, but I did make changes to the neckline so I can't really fault the pattern.

 For the V detail I marked where I wanted it and stitched just inside of that using tissue paper so it wouldn't stretch, then I clipped inside the triangle and folded the edges under, then added the ribbing underneath pinned and sewed. My triangle did grow bigger then I had intended, I'm not sure I used the best technique but I think it looks alright for a first attempt. 

Forgive the wrinkles in these photos, it's not a fabric that wrinkles really easily, I just pulled it out of the hamper to take these photos and didn't bother to do anything about it...but looked! Serged insides! 

For the fabric I used left over navy from my last raglan shirt which came from Girl Charlee, the white is organic interlock from, which is very soft and nice, and the burgundy is from a ribbed knit tank top I didn't wear. In retrospect the burgundy fabric wasn't the best choice because it doesn't have good rebound after being stretched.

 It's not perfect, the V detail and neckline are still a little wonky, but to me it's entirely wearable.

As for more inspiration, I am kind of digging something like this

Striped Knit Baseball Tee

Or this

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Blue and White Striped Shorts

So I made another pair of shorts, apparently that's all I make now days. But in my defense I have been planning these since last summer when I saw these shorts on ModCloth (no longer for sale).

My version:

 I used the same free Owly Baby pattern here as my red shorts and my gray shorts only I got rid of the cuff. 

The fabric is actually something I got at the Goodwill and was a 3xl mini skirt. It was around $3 and was a ton of material. I used the waist band (made smaller) and the zipper from the original skirt but just cut out the rest of my pattern pieces like normal. I wish I would have taken a picture of what it looked like before.

I used white fabric with little yellow and blue bicycles on it for the pockets that I had a remnant of. When I noticed how close the bottom of the pocket was to the hemline I decided to hem over it so it didn't peek out. But now I can't really pull my pockets inside there's that.

Cat attack! Well I guess I was done taking pictures anyways...

I weirdly really like making belt-loops, I think it pulls the whole thing together.

I kind of want to make floral shorts after seeing a floral twill fabric on the Mood website...but I really really don't need any more shorts! We shall see if I can resist... I am going to try to talk myself into making a Grainline Moss miniskirt instead (not in floral), at least that is a little variety. 

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Gray Shorts

So, I might have started these shorts in September or so... then the weather turned and I lost my motivation. But the weather is getting warmer and I  finally buckled down and got them done. 

I used the same pattern as my red shorts which can be found here. I wanted to make a gray pair so they would go with everything, but an exciting color on the inside for fun. Pattern changes were all the same ones as last time only I lowered the pockets a little from the last pair and used a different technique for the fly, one from a Jean-ius Crafty class a bought awhile ago. I also stitched the belt loops on both edges this time, which I think I like better.

I also got a 3x large stripped blue and white twill skirt at the thrift store that I plan on turning into a pair of shorts to resemble a pair I saw on modcloth last summer. They had vertical stripes, but diagonal on the back pockets. I think I'm going to loose the cuff on the next pair too, and maybe try to work on the fit on the back a little.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Raglan Henley Look-alike Shirt

Once upon a time, a few months ago, I found a shirt in a catalog that I liked. That shirt was $24.90 and I didn't like that. Sometime later the shirt was reduced to $15 and I bought it. Then I got an e-mail saying it was actually back-ordered. Then they weren't getting any more in. Sad days. Then I made the shirt myself, huzzah!

This was the shirt, the one on the right.

My version


I used New Look 6230 view B as my base and then added a placket. I also changed it so the back is one piece instead of two, and shortened and tightened the sleeves a bit. I cut a 4, the smallest size, and took the sides in just a bit and the sleeves quite a bit.

I know my head is lolled off to one side in this picture, don't ask me why.

I used this tutorial to make the placket. It turned out better than my last placket attempt on some other project where I was following McCalls directions. My finished placket is about 2 1/2" long by 3/4" wide.

I bought the fabric at Girl Charlee, which is still my favorite place for knits. I also got some cool striped knits that I am going to make into shirts as well.

For the neck binding I use this tutorial. I think the directions that came with the shirt would have been fine, but I don't think my would have worked as well with the placket.

Hemming the sleeves and bottom kind of made me want to kill someone. It was my first time using a twin needle with this machine and it's very finicky about it. I read nearly every twin needle tutorial on the internet and finally got it to mostly work. My sewing machine manual says to tread the treads one at a time, do not do this, IT LIES, it works substantially better if you do them together, at least on my machine. I also realized that I should be using a stretch twin needle, which is said to help with skipped stitches, so I ordered one of those but I was too impatient to wait for it to get here to finish my project. Reading the tutorials I also learned that you should not backstitch and instead leave long tails to pull to the inside and tie off.

The inside. That wadded area is actually where I tied it off, not a tangle. On the sides I did two straight stitches about a fourth an inch apart and the trimmed close to the second line. I think it looks kind of neat.

I had to do a picture where I tried to pose like the model, mine is a mirror image, but whatever.

Overall, I'm pretty happy with how it turned out and think it looks pretty close to my inspiration picture. I think the original is a little bit lower scooped in the front and I wish mine was as well. By the time I realized the difference I already had the placket in and it was not taking it out. I also wish the bottom had more of a curve shape, so I might change that next time.

I found a few other raglan style shirts around the internet that I might like to try like these:

I really like the little center triangle

Women's Long Sleeve | 3/4-Sleeve Raglan Henley | Alternative Apparel
I think I might actually just like this chicks messy side braid, I'm not sure.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Herringbone PJ's and Undies

Yes, more pajama pants! I made so many pairs for gifts this last year that I am happy to get to make myself some. I also threw out an old ratty pair with holes and failing elastic (at least 10 years old).  Huzzah!

 I used Simplicity 2061 again, this time view D, which I have made before, but not for myself. I used Navy Herringbone Flannel Shirting Fabric from Jo Anns. I've really been liking herringbone lately for some reason. The fabric is very soft and pretty lightweight, I feel like to will be good material for spring and mild summer.

No surprises with the pattern since I have made it before. I'm not 100% sure on the changes I've made since I originally changed the pattern awhile ago, I believe I lowered the rise some, since I prefer a low rise, and added a few inches to the length.

The fabric frayed very easily so I decided to use french seams and changed the inside waist finish so the edge would be encased.  

 On to underwear! I feel like posting pictures of me in my undies on the internet is going a bit too far, so just assume these fit as they should.

I made the pattern myself by tracing a pair that fit well and referencing some online tutorials here and here, but mostly I winged it. They're stretchy, so the fit is forgiving. They fit me way better than most RTW, which always seem loose if they are lace, especially in the legs.

I used stretch lace from Debs Lace and Trims, a great online store if you can't find a good variety locally, and very reasonably priced in my opinion. No, I'm not being paid, but if someone wanted to that would be okay too.

For fabric I used two xl (or larger) shirts from the thrift store, just knit t-shirt type material. I can get two pairs from one shirt, so if I go to the thrift store on 50% off day then I can make these for a steal.

I made the bows with 1/8" ribbon and just tied them and sewed threw the center, and fray checked the edges. I feel like it makes them look a bit more RTW and, well, you can see which side is the front when you are in a hurry.

I feel like my underwear pile looks so fancy now with these on top.

I used french seams on the inside, just because.

I feel like I should be moving on to some more serious sewing project, but these are so fun and fast to make, I will probably be making more soon.