Thursday, May 22, 2014

Gray Shorts

So, I might have started these shorts in September or so... then the weather turned and I lost my motivation. But the weather is getting warmer and I  finally buckled down and got them done. 

I used the same pattern as my red shorts which can be found here. I wanted to make a gray pair so they would go with everything, but an exciting color on the inside for fun. Pattern changes were all the same ones as last time only I lowered the pockets a little from the last pair and used a different technique for the fly, one from a Jean-ius Crafty class a bought awhile ago. I also stitched the belt loops on both edges this time, which I think I like better.

I also got a 3x large stripped blue and white twill skirt at the thrift store that I plan on turning into a pair of shorts to resemble a pair I saw on modcloth last summer. They had vertical stripes, but diagonal on the back pockets. I think I'm going to loose the cuff on the next pair too, and maybe try to work on the fit on the back a little.

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