Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Quilted Linden Sweatshirt + Two Tone Futuristic Sweatpants

Neither of these items are new, I made them both around January/ February/ winter sometime and I have worn them sooo much since then. If I could only wear one outfit in my house forever I would pick this one. It is comfy, easy, and for some reason I just feel cool wearing it. 

Hey foot, what's happening?

First up is the quilted linden sweatshirt. I copied this like the big fat copy cat that I am from this blogger. I used the same fabric and made the same pattern changes so, yeah. But when you like something you like it.

The Pattern is the Linden Sweatshirt by Grainline, I cut the smallest size and didn't make any changes other than to use sold black fabric for the triangles on the sides. Katy at Sleek Silhouette shows exactly how cut apart the pattern to do that, I just copied.

The ONLY thing I don't like about this sweatshirt is the way the fabric is holding up. I know I wear it like everyday, but I don't do anything active in it and I usually wear a t shirt under it so I don't wash it all the time. The quilted fabric is holding up better than the solid, not pilling but it does snag a bit. I've thought about taking the solid parts out and replacing them, but I should probably just make a new one.

I kind of want a hundred Linden sweatshirts. And quilted sweatshirts. I think there are really endless possibilities with this pattern.

I serged all my seams, super fast and easy. 

On to my pants! The pattern I used is pretty TNT for me, Simplicity 2061 with modifications. Most of my modifications I covered in this post, the only new changes are the color blocking at the bottom, and I added back pockets.

To do the color blocking I basically just hacked off the pattern at a diagonal where I thought was good and then added seam allowances to both pieces. For the pockets I used a pocket piece from my shorts pattern, but that piece was originally just traced from one of my rtw jean pockets.

It was a little finicky since the fabric is so stretchy, but I  made it work. The fabric I used is Power Stretch Polartec from Mill Yardage. It can be kind of pricey depending on what color you want, but it is really nice. Super soft on the inside and very stretchy. It does have a very synthetic feel though, you can tell there is no cotton involved.

 Because the fabric is a lot stretchier than what I've made this pattern with in the past the pockets ended up a little long, and I think the front seam is a little long too, so it bunches a tad sometimes.

I got my inspiration for the diagonal color blocking from here, and basically copied their back pocket too.

From the back I am a sleek black ninja...

 I just noticed that in these pictures you can see an Easter basket sitting in the background still,

I feel like the legs look a little star trek for some reason? But I like them. It's important to feel futuristically cool in your lounge clothes.

They are stretchy enough to jump in. I tested.

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  1. That's a pretty awesome vertical, Lesley. Thanks for the PR and the reference to the other blog... I am debating buying the pattern or just using another already owned raglan pattern...