Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Black and Gray Sweatshirt Fleece Pants

So I was looking through a catalog and saw a cute pair of lounge pants, then I saw the price tag $40. Really? For PJ pants? I'm far too cheap for that. So I made my own.

From Alloy

They used French Terry for theirs, but apparently one can not buy that in a reasonable radius from my house,  and I was too impatient to order online, so I used sweatshirt fleece from Jo Anns. On the topic of the fleece, it oddly has a slight stretch length wise and zero stretch cross wise. I have no idea why you would want something you make out of sweatshirt fleece to stretch in length but not in width. Because I needed some stretch I cut my pattern out on the cross grain instead of with the grain. It seemed to work out okay. 

I've made pajama pants with this Simplicity 2061 before using view D and I like the pockets. I honestly never thought I would make the other views For these pants I used view A with the cuffs of view B and added in the pockets of view D. I also lowered the rise by two inches like I have done for view D in the past because I don't like my pants by my belly button, but maybe that's just me. Also definitely got rid of those pleats. 

 I have not brushed my hair today. Don't judge me

I cut a size 6, but had to fuss with the fit some. The thighs were way too baggy for my taste and the ankle was very tight, but my fabric doesn't stretch as much as they recommend so the ankle part was on me. Also the waist needed to be taken in some, but again I made changes to the pattern there by taking out the pleats and adding in pockets. I think mine still aren't as form fitting as the inspiration pair, but with out the extra stretch I didn't want them to end up uncomfortable. 

 Trying to do the same pose as the model

Pockets! They are a little bunched here, but you get the idea. I made mine bigger than the inspiration and mine are gray instead of black. I didn't like the way the black pockets broke up the side line.

Overall, very happy with how they turned out, they look pretty close to my inspiration and are cozy. I personally don't condone going out in public in your PJ's but if I went out in these and someone I knew saw me I wouldn't be horribly embarrassed.