Saturday, July 27, 2013

Red Shorts

One day I decided I wanted red shorts, I think it was some picture on pinterest that did me in. Some cool chick with a black and white striped shirt and sunglasses (note to self: spend less time on pinterst). I found a pair on ebay, I bought them, received them, didn't fit, sent back. Found a pair on, bought them, didn't fit, returned to the store. So I decided that the only way I was getting red shorts was to make my own.

I found a free pattern to use from Owly Baby here, but the pattern is only in a RTW size 4 and I had to make them a few inches smaller. I basically did a slash and spread only the opposite...slash and tuck...or fold? I also made mine about 1/2" lower cut because I prefer low rise pants.

I had numerous issues in making them including but not limited to sewing the waistband on upside down, and then sewing the facing and top stitching before I realized what I had done, a lot of seam ripping there. Then they were too tight, more seam ripping and resewing, then they were to loose...arrrgggg. A little bit makes a big difference with a waistband, I have learned.

I made my back pockets different from the pattern, I basically just traced one of my back jean pockets and then added seam allowances.

My first time making belt loops. I think they turned out okay but I think next time I will top stitch on both sides.

I got all my supplies at Joanns. The fabric is a tango red bottom weight twill, and I got the button, top stitching thread, denim needle, fabric for the pockets and inside waist band, zipper, and interfacing there as well. I had a gift card from my birthday so this cost me like 5 bucks out of pocket.

They fit pretty good, the waist band is still a little big, like maybe 1/4" to 1/2" but not enough for me to take it out again. Just something to change for next time.

 They are also pulling at the front a little bit...I think my fly technique needs a bit of tweaking. Also, my hand is veiny eek.

Yes the legs are the same length, it's just bunched in the picture. I'm not really super thrilled with how the back looks I think it needs a little bit of work. I think next time I am also going to move the pockets down about 1/2" because they feel higher then my normal jean pockets.

All in all I'm pretty happy with how they turned out. I got to try a lot of new techniques like making a zipper fly, doing a bunch of top stitching and making belt loops, so a lot was learned. Red is great but I don't feel like I have a lot of shirts that go well with it, I'm thinking about making a striped t-shirt or tank top to wear with it. I think I want to make another pair with charcoal fabric and either orange or lime for the pockets and inside band. Then they would have a bit of pizzazz on the inside but still go with everything.

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