Thursday, May 30, 2013

Ultra Cuddle Sweatshirt - Finished

 Well, after slacking off immensely, I did manage to finish the sweatshirt I was making for my boyfriends birthday. And I even finished it in time, almost. I waited until he tried it on to hem the sleeves. As you might know from my work in progress post it is McCall's 5538 and I made a size medium. Some reviews I read online said it ran large but I think the style of it is just meant to be loose fitting. If you want a more form fitting sweatshirt the sizing will be way off. The arm hole in particular seems large, but it was meant to be cozy and I think that's the way it turned out. Also, as usual, unisex really means it's sized for men.

McCall's 5538, ultra cuddle fabric from Jo Ann
Where the yoke meets the front is a little messed up where the inside facing, but oh well.

Some nice fluffy pockets

Disregard the bad lighting, goofy face and unhemmed sleeves.

Aw, people who give hand made gifts get hugs. Again, disregard the lighting.

All that matters is that he seemed to like it, in fact, I had a hard time getting it back so I could finish the sleeves. When the ultra cuddle fabric is brand new it is really plush and soft, over time that diminishes but it seems to last pretty good. I don't really know how much he will wear it out in public, but it seems like the sort of thing that will be good for long car rides and lounging around.

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