Friday, February 6, 2015

Black and White Striped Rug

I've been really wanting a rug for the little area between my bed and closet lately, particularity something with stripes (a symptom of too much time on Pinterest?) The prices of rugs however are a bit ridiculous and not in my budget, so I sewed one. I couldn't really find any tutorials online other than several that involve covering a rubber mat with fabric and coating the fabric with polyurethane, which didn't seem suitable for my situation. So I kind of made it up as I went along.

Overall, I'm pretty happy with the result! The fabric I used is Nate Berkus - Ondine Paramount Onyx, which sounds pretty fancy. Available from Jo Anns here. It says it has a soil and stain repellent finish, which I didn't even notice until after I bought it, but that should help with cleaning. It's not exactly a high shoe traffic area either, so I think it will hold up okay.  

This is the bottom of the rug. To make it I just ironed fusible fleece to the back leaving an inch gap on all sides, then folded the edges in, and in again so it has a 1/2" edge and sewed. The fleece gives it a bit more body and cushion.

Stitched edge on the right side

I also bought a no slip rug pad at target to go under it. It helps stop it from moving and also gives it a little more cushion. For this size (3'x5' I think) it was about $6.

 I wanted to make it big enough to go under the legs of the bed to also make sure it wasn't going anywhere. It's a little bunched up in this photo, but I was trying to lift the bed and move it under with my foot (and surprise surprise it didn't go so well), everyone else in my house was asleep (and I'm not patient). 

My closet doors are mirror so I can make it look extra trippy (or maybe like I made a bigger rug?) 

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